Painting and Decorating 


Our Painting and Decorating Services can combine with our other available trades to not only provide you with a quality finsih but complete a full room upgrade. We can prepare the required spaces in a short time and soon have the room ready for its facelift.


Shown here is a living room space that included the Plastering and Installation of the Spot Lights complete with dimmer switch along with the Preperation, Plastering and the laying of flooring. As we were contracted to completly redecorate this room we were able to start installing the services first then completing the painting with the floor laid last. This allowed the room to be completed with very little mess and distrubtion to the Customer.  Let J I Fairbairn complete your living space to your design or budget requirments and allow your decorating job be completed in a timely fashion instead of it occupying your weekends for months on end