Stone Restoration and Repointing








Restore Repoint Repair are highly skilled in and undertake all types of brick and stone repointing.
Repointing is a some times over looked importance, it is possibly the most significant element to maintaining and protecting your property and also enhances the appearance.

Repointing can also assistant in waterproofing and strengthening the structure of your property.
Incorrect pointing can seriously reduce the performance of a structure, cause water ingress, damp issues and damage to the external fabric of the building.



Restore Repoint Repair specialise in restoration, restoring all types of stone, brick and stucco structures.
Whether it be a window sill, cornice remoulding or a complete reconstruction of an entire facade.
Restoration is an extremely skilled trade and should be only undertaken by an experience and competent craftsman.



Cleaning is not just for cosmetic purposes but also it is an important factor in maintaining and preserving your property.
By removing all dirt pollution and harmful matter from the masonry allowing the structure to breath and release moisture at a natural rate.
Restore Repoint Repair are trained in various methods applied to all stone and brick to obtain the desired result.

Exterior Painting and Weather Proofing


All home owners will know that at some point, the exterior of their property will need a certain degree of maintenance to keep it in the best possible shape. Every five to six years, it is recommended that all external paint work is improved and made better able to withstand the worst that our traditional Scottish weather has to throw at it. J I Fairbairn know that there are few more rewarding projects than giving your home a new look with a fresh, crisp paint job and it is ideal for brightening up a tired looking house or jaded commercial building, whether for your own satisfaction or in preparation to sell. It is a labour intensive task, however, a good paint job will not only look smart and attractive to potential buyers, but will protect your home from the elements and save you the cost of repairs.
We know that for any exterior job the most important step is proper surface preparation. Taking the necessary time for proper surface prep and then using the highest quality paint and materials are crucial for achieving a long-lasting paint job, whether it is walls, windows, wooden surrounds, or other outdoor structures. On brickwork or walls where the paint film has broken down, we use a stabilising solution for binding porous, loose, and powdery surfaces prior to painting. As far as the paint itself goes, masonry paint is either acrylic or oil based, and is formulated specially for exterior use on cement rendering, rough cast, brick and concrete. It provides a smooth finish that is resistant to dirt accumulation and offers superb weather resistance, with some having up to a 15 year life expectancy.
There are also paint systems which have been developed to provide longer lasting protection for exterior woodwork. Exterior flexible undercoat and gloss are flexible in order to help absorb the natural movement of wood which helps prevent cracks appearing and the paint film from breaking down. With external masonry paints and wood stains, you can protect your home from the elements and keep it in good condition, while remaining smart for you or to help attract potential buyers in the future.


Exterior Painting Includes:

  • Evaluate Existing Conditions: We will examine the entire surface of your house, looking for problems such as peeling paint, open joints or seams, wet or rotted wood, mildew (black or grey spots), stains, and other problems.
  • Remove loose paint: We remove all peeling or flaking paint to prepare the surface
  • Scuff-sand: If the surface is glossy, we sand it lightly to improve the bond between old and new finishes
  • Prime bare wood: Paint will not bond to wood exposed by sanding, so we will apply an exterior acrylic or oil based primer to all bare wood.
  • Patch damaged wood: We use an exterior filler compound or, for larger damaged areas, cut out and replace the wood.
  • Gapping: Usually the previous paint film peels or flakes most often near joints or between dissimilar materials because water seeps into cracks and soaks into the wood. We fill in the gaps in all the joints, ensuring a lasting paint job.



All of our patios are built to your specifications using paving slaps or tiles, whatever your personal preferences. Slabs can be arranged in any specified pattern but son;t worry if you are unsure we can help guide your through the process. Again there is the Marshalls Paving Planner which can be utilised to help you choose the appropriate pattern and plenty of specialist types of patio installation are available.


Marshalls manufacture a broad range of garden paving products so you can be sure to find one that will suit your needs whether they are traditional or contemporary. Whether you are looking for sandstone, granite or slate you can be confident that we can source something that will meet the requirements of your project.

Alternatively if you are after a wood effect then our woodstone range would be an ideal choice. One examples is our the new Marshalls Fairstone paving range which is an ethically sourced sandstone paving which looks fantastic in a contemporary setting. For a full range of Garden Paving options available then please look at the Marshalls Garden options.

Joinery and Fencing

DSC01663webFencing is sourced from local sawmills and can be bought treated or untreated, we would recomend buying treated wood as it can be pressure treated and will not require painting. This will have to be painted or treated annually in order to protect the fence from the elements. Fences can usually completed in a day or so depending on size and availibility of materials. 

The picture on the left shows an astro turf laying that was carried out by J I Fairbairn as well as the fencing. The colour of the fence was chosen by the customer therefore on this occasion untreated wood was purchased and painted to the customers specification. Fencing materials other than wood can be used to provide the same privacy and weather protection, available for example are bamboo screens and sectional windbreaks in order to enclose areas and provide better shelter. 

Fencing panels would be sourced wither from a local sawmill or one of the Hardware Stores for example B&Q or Homebase. If you have already obtained your fencing please contact us for installation. We are extremely flexible when it comes to pricing and materials and would always endeavour to ensure that you get the best value for money on materials.



At J I Fairbairn we can provide a deep clean, lift and relay or a new installation with the greatest of ease. With many new regulations which depict what can and cannot be done with or without planning permission, we can accommodate these new regulations with no problems and provide a solution that will allow you to proceed without permission.For a full list of regulations regarding your driveway installation please go to the government planning portal 

New installations are installed as per the customer’s requirements and are completed using Marshall’s products. The materials are of the highest quality and can incorporate many designs including original designs for example cobblestone. 

Marshalls has a number of options for achieving a premium natural stone look driveway. Natural Stone Setts are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, allowing for various designs to suit your vision of the perfect driveway. For a bespoke, contemporary look there are the Fairstone ethically sourced natural stone driveway setts. For those who would like a more cost effective and easy to use alternative to natural stone the more traditional monoblock and tegula driveway system is designed to create a realistic, modern look.


The Marshalls website is the best place to start looking at the designs and Materials available and con provide you with an idea of the look and feel that you can acheive with your new driveway Click here to be taken to the Marshalls Website to look at the many different designs that can be incorporated in to your new driveway. 
The Marshalls Planner can be used in order to approximate your paving needs and can be found here. This is a great tool and can allow you to see the laying pattern in order to choose your preffered style. 
Like wise the Marshalls Driveway Visualiser will allow you to envisage your new driveway in a clever 3d model. 
If you would like further example of work carried out by J I Fairbairn be sure to look at our gallery on the site.