What We Offer 


We are a local friendly service that thrives on word of mouth on the quality of our work. With J I Fairbairn you get the personal touch as the owner is on site to ensure that care and attention to detail is executed.

If you have any changes during the rollout that is not an issue we will work to accomodate your needs. We can provide you access to all trades and have strong links with local suppliers who can fit your material needs and deliver to your property for work to commence.


J I Fairbairn is owned and run by John Iain Fairbairn. Known as Iain he has spent many years in the building trade working as a Machine Driver, Brickie, Joiner, Roofer, Foreman and Snagging Officer. He has worked with Carrilion and Scottish Power as well as array of large Construction Projects via many differing agencies. The 15 years of experience in these positions have allowed have allowed him to work on his own with his team undertaking a multidisiplinary role in his own company. He has been operating for the past 5 years and has many happy customers who are grateful at the savings he can provide and the quality of his workmanship. 



Contact Us for a quote today and we can help you change your property to the way it should be.